When we say Small Groups at Harmony Baptist Church, we are saying that we choose to make disciples of Jesus Christ by having INTENTIONAL leaders, in a RELATIONAL environment, with a REPRODUCIBLE process. This happens with a biblical foundation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Small Group is Harmony’s intentional process of helping people grow in Christ and when that happens, everything changes. It’s  where people connect at a heart level and God reveals His purpose in each person’s life.
Harmony currently has 7 Small Groups that meet in member’s homes three times a month through the church year. Most groups share a meal together then the facilitator leads the group through an interactive bible discovery process. Small groups is where people connect with God and each other.

Group 1 Sunday at 12:00         Eddie and Emily Cook
Group 2 Sunday at 12:30         Eddie and Kim Black
Group 3 Sunday at 2:30           Jeff and Paula Bolton
Group 4 Sunday at 3:00           Richard and Carolyn Miller
Group 5 Sunday at 6:00           Woody and Dena Oliver
Group 6 Tuesday at 11:00        Susan Cope
Group 7 Friday at 6:00             Richard and Suzanne Hough
Group 8 Saturday at 5:00         Anthony and Courtney Boling

We desire that everyone be in a Small Group. Every group is mixed : gender, age, marital status, spiritual position, and church membership. All groups are open to anyone, however, we are discouraging family members (other than spouses) from being in the same group and we ask that you not ’group hop’, although you may join a different group from the one you were in last year. Each group will decide with regards to meals, children, and other logistical aspects.
Woody Oliver, Lead Pastor
Address:5403 Harmony Church rd
 Edgemoor, SC 29712