Montana Mission Trip 2015


1.     Dates:  July 4-11, 2015

2.     Leaders: Allen Bishop and Woody Oliver

3.     Location:  Ft Belknap Indian Reservation, Montana


4.     Purpose:  to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Indians of the Ft. Belknap reservation.  These Indians (their preference is to be called Indians) are of the Gros Ventres and Assinboine tribes.  We will accomplish this by partnering with Rev. Bruce Plummer and Rev. Mark Pearson of Montana Indian Ministries, permanently located on this reservation.  (Website:


5.     Ministries of mission trip:

Ministry to children: Soccer camp, Backyard Bible club, Activity-based devotions

Ministry to adults: Develop relationships during the Community Feeds / Concerts and when canvassing the neighborhoods

Ministry to all: Christian Concerts and Community Feeds (4 concerts: Beavercreek Camp, Harlem, Hays, and the Radio Station at the Agency)


We are planning 2 (maybe 3) mission sites this year:

Hays - which is on the reservation about 30 minutes from our camp

Harlem - which is just off the reservation about 65 minutes from the camp

Agency – North side of reservation 58 miles from the camp

Woody Oliver, Lead Pastor
Address:5403 Harmony Church rd
 Edgemoor, SC 29712